Greetings!  This week we are going to talk about essential oils!  Most people LOVE essential oils.  And those who don’t LOVE them– most likely don’t KNOW about them.  The first thing you’ll notice is– THEIR FRAGRANCE, but what is interesting about them, is that their fragrance and chemical constituents can be MEDICINAL!  What??? Really?? Let’s explore… Essential Oils Essential Oils are derived from certain parts of plants like flowers, bark, resin, peels, etc., and are typically steamed distilled to extract the various volatile plant oils. The practice of using essential oils for medicinal properties is called Aromatherapy.  One of the most beautiful parts of aromatherapy, is that it has the ability to re-act FAST in your system just by smelling the oil! Inhaling the aromas from essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell and long-term memory.  Aromatherapy is probably one of the better natural remedies to help balance the EMOTIONAL BODY.  When our emotions feel overwhelming, erratic, or just plain right negative– essential oils can have the ability to lift you out of the muck and in turn help your body function in a more balanced state.  Each oil is a little different and possess their own unique medicinal qualities.  Here is a list of some of the most popular essential oils that are known to be HIGHLY beneficial:

  • Lavender: Used for stress relief, has instant calming effects when smelled (best oil for occasional anxiety), great for all things skin related, can help ease pain associated from headaches, etc… Lavender by far is one of the most popular oils due to it’s MANY benefits and pleasantly calming smell!
  • Peppermint: Used to boost energy, help with digestion, help with pain or disorientation caused by headaches/migraines, also helps open the respiratory system.
  • Eucalyptus: Used to help open nasal passages and ease respiratory discomfort from colds, flues, etc., great for purifying the air from bacteria or viruses, also can be used as a disinfectant or cleaning agent when dilluted (try using a little of this oil to remove glue residue from surfaces).
  • Rosemary: Used to help improve memory and promote blood flow.  Can also help with hair growth.
  • Sandalwood: Used to calm nerves, help with focus, can calm skin irritations or acne.
  • Bergamot: Used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema, help increases positive mood.
  • Rose: Used to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and balance hormones.
  • Ylang-Ylang: Used to treat headaches, nausea and skin conditions.
  • Tea Tree: Used to fight infections (especially fungal infections), boost immunity, and can be used as a disinfectant.
  • Jasmine: Used to help with depression, childbirth and libido.
  • Lemon: Used to aid digestion, mood, headaches and more.
  • Lemongrass: Used for calming, stress, and digestive discomfort, can also be used as a natural bug deterrent or disinfectant.
  • FrankincenseUsed to help calm an over-active mind, has meditative properties, great to help fight bacteria or viruses, can help ease general pain (great for arthritis).

Using Essential Oils Essential oils are highly concentrated due to the process of extraction.  If you want to use them topically, (for example: rubbing eucalyptus oil on your chest to help break up congestion) you will want to add a carrier oil to the eucalyptus before applying directly to skin.  A carrier oil is defined as an oil to help compliment and dilute the essential oil.  There are many types of carrier oils like– sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, fractionated coconut oil.  You can always mix a little bit of essential oil in your favorite lotion to help dilute it, add more scent and benefits to it (a little bit of essential oil goes a LONG way).  Other uses:

  • Mix your choice of carrier oil and essential oil(s) in an empty roller ball bottle (you’ll only need about 6-8 drops total of essential oil) for a quick and convenient way of using the essential oil as a perfume and mood booster.
  • Put your choice of essential oils(s) in an Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser to help purify the air, scent your room, and MORE!  Everyone that enters your home will tell you how good it smells (this is our secret- we use our diffuser EVERY DAY and customers LOVE the way our store smells).
  • Mix an essential oil of your choice with a carrier oil and apply it to your feet for a relaxing and quick method of absorption. (Try frankincense and lavender to relax and help with inflammation and pain.)
  • Add about 6 drops of a relaxing essential oil of your choice to your bath for an even more soothing experience.
  • Add a mixture of essential oils (up to 12 drops) to an empty spray bottle and purified water for a pleasant room spray or disinfectant.

As you can see, essential oils are fun to work with and can really add healthy benefits to your life and body!  They are relatively safe to work with when used properly and some of them are even safe for children.  Try one essential oil and you will want MORE! Enjoy! As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body– if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor. We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners. Do you want to hear more about a particular supplement or health concern? Email us at [email protected] and we will feature it in our weekly ELITE HEALTH TIP!

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