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Elite Health Tip- Mood Support

Elite Health Tip- Mood Support

Aug 4, 2019 | CBD Oil, Health Tips

Hello Elite Tippers! Hopefully you recognize the quote above, it’s from the character Llyod Dobler in the quintessential 80’s movie Say Anything. Perhaps, that is the first step of getting in a good mood– start with deciding to be in a good mood.  But what else can you do to help boost your mood? Perhaps the second step is exercising or moving your body– but what if it’s hard to decide to be in a better mood or if your mood is preventing you from wanting to move your body?  Are there any supplements that help with getting in a better mood?  Glad you asked!  Your experts here at Elite Nutrition and Wellness are here to guide you to a BETTER mood with some great options.

St. John’s Wort
This is one of the most commonly known herbs that are used to help with mood support.  St. John’s Wort is also said to help relieve symptoms of depression.  It may take up to two months of consistent use in order to feel improvements in the body.  There may also be side effects from taking St.John’s Wort so make sure you do your research and proceed with caution.

This adaptogen herb supports the functioning of the adrenal glands and encourages a healthy response to physical, emotional and mental stress by supporting cortisol levels and other stress-related hormones.  That being said, Rhodiola can be beneficial to boost your mood as well, because of its capabilities in minimizing stress levels in the body.  When the adrenals get overloaded from producing stress hormones in the body, it can certainly effect the quality of mood or general wellness in the body. Another adaptogen herb that is great for stress, the adrenal glands, and might be another avenue to explore is Ashwaghandha.

Happy Camper
This is an herbal formula that was made to help boost your mood and anxiety in the moment.  The other herbs that were mentioned above may take some time to feel their effectiveness in the body and may require consistent use to provide benefits.  Happy Camper has powerful relaxing herbs like passion flower and kava kava that can help mellow the feeling of uneasiness and can help give a little boost to that stressed out mood fairly immediately.

This is a unique homeopathic formula that uses plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins, and other compounds that are believed to benefit the brain and mood imbalances. Deprex may also help reduce symptoms of depression– such as insomnia, headaches, restlessness, fatigue, uncontrollable weeping, appetite changes and nervous exhaustion.

This supplement is a form of the amino acid L-tryptophan (the sleep inducing amino acid that is naturally occurring in turkey) that boosts the feel-good hormone serotonin in the body.  This can help lower the feeling of anxiety and stress and can help boost your mood as well!  Both l-tryptophan and 5-HTP can also be beneficial for sleep disorders.

This is a type of an amino acid that has a wide arrange of benefits besides its ability to boost mood!  Other great benefits include, detoxifying/maintaining health of the liver, great for brain health in general, and even joint health!

This method sounds unconventional for boosting your mood, but when you provide your body with food based nutrients such as powdered greens you have the ability to boost your entire system. Wheat grass, barley grass, chlorella, and spirulina are all green foods that are combined together in powdered greens to be a powerful force of minerals and vitamins like magnesium, iron, potassium, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C.  All of this makes up an easy and convenient way to begin the road back to a healthy, better state of mind.

Vitamin D
Also called the sunshine vitamin, this vitamin plays a crucial role in over all health of your body including mood support.  If you suspect or know for sure that your Vitamin D levels are low (your doctor can test the levels) then this most certainly can be a good avenue to explore for a boost in your mood!

Full spectrum CBD oil can also help relax and balance the body, which in turn can yield a better state of mind.  The best part is that you do not need a strong dosage of it for a mood lift, a 200mg strength could be sufficient, and it works fairly fast!

There are always options to help yourself feel better.  It is about taking one decision and putting it into action, even if it’s a small action.  Begin with doing research and see what method or supplement seems right for you.  As always we are here to help you along your journey– so feel free to ask us about more options to boost your mood!  There are plenty of avenues to explore.  Life is too short to feel blue all the time, it is normal to feel down and out, but ideally you’d want it to be just like winter– you know it’s temporary and inevitable so you can always be prepared.

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body– if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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