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Elite Health Tip- Natural Toothpaste

Elite Health Tip- Natural Toothpaste

Dec 14, 2018 | Health Tips

This Elite Health Tip we would like to talk about natural toothpaste.  This may be a boring subject or maybe you already use natural toothpaste but perhaps some of you have not considered switching or may have thought about switching from conventional toothpaste to natural toothpaste but have yet to make the leap.  Well, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what the benefits are and why it might be something of interest to help boost your health routine.

Ingredients in Conventional Toothpaste
There’s a lot of information out there about the health concerns of fluoride and other ingredients in conventional toothpaste. Fluoride has been found to be a neurotoxin in high dosages (toxic for the nervous system).

What does this mean? 
Well, you brush your teeth at least twice per day and fluoride is a mineral that accumulates in the body.  Although it would only be minimal amounts of fluoride and you may not even notice any harmful effect– it’s important to remember that fluoride is often added in municipal drinking water supplies across the country (including Las Vegas/Clark County water supply). Fluoride is suppose to help strengthen teeth but so are other minerals and vitamins that are not neurotoxins– like calcium and Vitamin D3.  In our opinion, why not just avoid anything that is deemed a toxin regardless of the amount and effects in the body…

The Purpose of Toothpaste
The reason we use toothpaste is to rid the teeth, mouth, and gums of harmful bacteria.  Aesthetically, we also use it to whiten our teeth and make our breath smell good.  But guess what?  You can cover ALL of these concerns with NATURAL toothpaste (and flossing of course).

Natural Toothpaste
We have a natural peppermint toothpaste by NOW that contains Xylitol (a popular choice) to help rid the mouth of bacteria.  We also have a activated charcoal toothpaste with coconut oil that helps whiten teeth and get rid of bacteria (we have a lot of customers that love this toothpaste!).  We also carry Vita-Myr natural toothpaste (a local brand from Las Vegas) that has zinc and myrrh to help with bacteria and gum health.  They also carry a toothpaste that contains Co-Q10— which is known as a heart supplement (the gums are connected to heart health).

What to Expect
Natural toothpaste does not contain the soapy like ingredients that conventional toothpaste does, so it will not be as foamy and soap like.  Natural toothpastes tend to be lighter in flavor– if this is a concern, you can always couple them with natural mouthwash to get that squeaky clean breath scent and healthy gums!

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body– if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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