Good day to our friends and family!  We hope that you had a FULL night sleep last night! Because good sleep is what keeps our bodies in top shape! Trouble sleeping?  Well let’s see if we can dive into fixing that…

It is interesting that as we age our bodies sleep cycles change, our hormones change, our stress levels change. Maybe our bodies do not need as much sleep as we needed when we were young and overly active, however, we still need QUALITY sleep.  This is imperative because as you know, our body goes to WORK to repair and fine tune all the nooks and crannies that need attention while we sleep.  If you are experiencing insomnia or trouble sleeping– what avenues can you explore to help remedy a better night’s sleep?  First, let’s ask questions to identify why you are having trouble sleeping in the first place, and then we’ll suggest some avenues to try!

Questions to Ask

  • Do you experiencing racing thoughts or an over active brain?
    • Try limiting phone use or tv use before bed time– it is best NOT to watch T.V. or use your phone right before bed, if this seems impossible start with turning the tv off and put the phone down 10 minutes prior to sleep and then work up to an hour or limit use during the day. This will help prepare your nervous system for rest and relaxation.
    • If the first tip is a hard habit to break, try cuing up a guided meditation on you tube– this will help avoid the spiral of your own thoughts and help you focus on the meditation.
    • Try journaling– sometimes the brain just needs to dump out extra thoughts- grab a pen and paper and write that jargon down and get it out of your head!
    • Try looking into Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin D, or  a B12 supplement– a lack of these vitamins and minerals tend to contribute to insomnia.
  • Do you feel like you still have energy and you don’t feel tired enough to shut down and sleep?
    • Take a look at your diet- try up-ing your protein intake. Sometimes too many carbs can make you feel wired at night.  Also, if you’re a caffeine person– limit you caffeine intake to only in the morning or limit the amount you are consuming during the day.
    • Try eating your dinner at an earlier time (at least 4 hours prior to sleep)
    • Try some slow deep breathing before bed an incorporate stretches or listen to a guided meditation to help prepare your body to slow down.
    • Try using Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium. This supplement is popular for relaxation and sleep. Heat up some water, add the magnesium, watch it fizz, and then enjoy this warm relaxing way of taking magnesium.
    • Try making a cup of herbal tea for sleep. Chamomile, lavender, passion fruit, and peppermint are all great relaxing promoting herbal teas.
  • Are you experiencing pain or an ailment that is keeping you from falling asleep?
    • If you are experiencing pain that is keeping you from sleeping, consider adding turmeric and/or Omega 3 to your daily regimen. CBD oil can also be avenue to explore.
    • Try doing deep stretches to loosen up the body before bed.
    • Try cuing up a guided meditation on you tube– this will help take the focus off the pain and re-focus on the meditation.
  • Are you experiencing any strong emotions or stress that are preventing you from sleeping?
    • Try using essential oils– they are fantastic for the emotional body.  Lavender and Frankincense can really soothe the senses.
    • Try slow deep breaths before bed– 4 seconds in, hold for two seconds, and breath out for 4 seconds, repeat that for a little while and see if that helps put your heart at ease.
    • Try a cup of herbal tea before bed to relax and release or look into herbs that help relax the nervous system– Passion Flower, Chamomile or Valerian.
    • When in doubt journal it out.

**Another supplement that can help promote sleep in general is melatonin. If you have tried everything above and you are still having trouble sleep then melatonin may be beneficial to try.  You can also try focusing on repairing your adrenal glands, sometimes adrenal fatigue can lead to loss of sleep.

We hope that at least ONE of these tips were useful because sleep every one deserves a GREAT NIGHT’S REST! And who doesn’t love dreaming!

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body– if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor. We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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