Aloe Life Fiber Mate — 160 Tablets

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  • Natural Stool Softener
  • 100% Natural Vegetables & Herbs
  • No Psyllium, Flax, Bran, or Gluten
  • Great for Children, Adults & Seniors!
  • Healthy Daily Regularity
  • Aloe Life
  • A Nutritional Dietary Supplement
  • Freshens Your Breath & No Addictive Herbs
  • Since 1991

Aloe Life FiberMate is a nutritional combination of 16 Dark Green Vegetables, Herbs, F.O.S. from Jerusalem Artichoke and Acidophilus. Formulated as a Non Irritating Natural Stool Softener to prevent straining, supports daily bowel movements, parasite control and helps greatly to detoxify the lymphatic system. Contains 1 gram of food fiber per serving. The Beets, Apple Pectin, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Carrot Fiber aid in gentle bowl action and detoxification to increase daily energy and well being. 100% safe during pregnancy. Great for Children and Adults!


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Suggested Use

3 tablets taken with a meal, 1-3 times daily as desired with water, food or beverage or as directed by a physician. Use caution with diarrhea.

Note: For best Detoxification and Cleansing including IBS, Candida & Diverticulitis – use with Aloe Life Concentrates or the Detox Plus Formula.

Other Ingredients

Calcium citrate, vegetable stearic acid, silicon dioxide (silica), magnesium citrate.

Ingredients of Proprietary Formula: Whole sprouted wheatgrass, alfalfa, parsley, black walnut husk, carrot, clove, whole leaf aloe vera, apple pectin, beet, slippery elm, okra, bromelain, kelp, spinach, DDS-1 lacto-B. acidophilus, F.O.S. from jerusalem artichoke.

No dairy, psyllium, flax, bran or gluten!

3 Tablets are equal to one serving of Dark Green Vegetables.


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