Biomed Health Advanced Men’s Bao Shi Restorative Hair Nutrients — 120 Tablets

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BioMed Health Advanced Men’s Bao Shi Restorative Hair Nutrients – 120 Caplets

BioMed Health Advanced Men’s Bao Shi Restorative Hair Nutrients is a remarkable remedy of whole medicinal herbs, including the Original Bao Shi Formula, potent hair vitamins and minerals, plus Saw Palmetto, a natural powerful DHT blocker. This enhanced formula has a complex of nutrient rich ingredients to help men with thinning, graying hair, and support natural healthy hair growth.

For centuries, Asian men have used these extraordinary Traditional Chinese Herbs for healthy, fuller hair with lustrous youthful color. This advanced formula combines these extraordinary herbs with intensive vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair growth, and Saw Palmetto, known for its reputation for blocking DHT. (DHT has been implicated as a factor in men’s hair loss.) Combined, the vital nutrients in the Advanced Men’s Bao Shi help to maintain healthy hair, youthful color, and support natural hair growth.

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Whole Herbs in Bao Shi

Traditional Chinese Name: Ho Shou Wu
Botanical Name: Polygonum multiflorum
One of the most important Chinese rejuvenating herbs, it is also very popular in
Ayurvedic medicine. Studied and used in China for the purpose of restoring hair and
for its anti-aging properties.

Traditional Chinese Name: Han Lien Tsao
Ayurvedic Name: Bhringaraj
Botanical Name: Eclipta prostrata synonym: Eclipta Alba
Called “ruler of hair,” it is the main herb used for rejuvenating hair in Ayurvedic
medicine. Used for promoting hair growth and restoring hair color.

Traditional Chinese Name: Fu Ling
Botanical Name: Poria cocos
Important herb in Chinese pharmacopoeia, used to enhance synergistic effects of
whole formula.

Traditional Chinese Name: Di Chien Tsao
Ayurvedic Name: Brahmi synonym: Gotu Kola
Botanical Name: Hydrocotyle asiatica synonym: Centella Asiatica
One of the most important medicines in both Chinese and Ayurvedic tradition.
Long reputed as a potent longevity herb and brain tonic, used for hair loss and antiaging. Studies have shown that it improves cerebral microcirculation.

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