Supplement Rx Pure Glutamine Powder — 400 grams

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  • PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE L-GLUTAMINE POWDER is a conditionally essential amino acid released during muscle stress. Glutamine helps repair, build, and protect muscles from destructive breakdown.
  • RECOVER FASTER Glutamine powder accelerates muscle recovery, increases glutathione (a powerful antioxidant defense for the body), and may help recovery from illness, trauma, accident, surgery, or wounds.
  • HYDRATE MUSCLES with Glutamine and increase muscle cell volume. Plus, Glutamine promotes anabolic conditions in muscle cells and may increase plasma HGH levels by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland.
  • BOOST MENTAL FUNCTION AND ENERGY with L-Glutamine powder supplement and maintain and increase your immunity.
  • REDUCE OR STOP CRAVINGS Glutamine powder may reduce or stop cravings for sugar and alcohol which may aid in your weight loss or fitness program

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The most abundant amino acid found in muscle cells, L-Glutamine, is recognized as an important anticatabolic agent. Naturally released by the body during muscle stress, Glutamine protects muscle from destructive breakdown by inhibiting the glutamine synthetase enzyme and neutralizing the muscle breakdown induced by cortisol. By drawing water into the muscle cell, Glutamine acts as a cell-hydrating agent which increases muscle cell volume. As an added benefit, when the muscle cells are filled with water, the muscles look bigger. When cells are well-hydrated, they reduce the amount of protein breakdown and promote an increase in protein and glycogen synthesis in the skeletal muscle; thereby, increasing the building of new muscle tissue.

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