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Elite Health Tip- Colloidal Silver

Elite Health Tip- Colloidal Silver

Jul 26, 2018 | Health Tips

Today we are showcasing the wonderful uses and benefits of Colloidal Silver You know, the stuff that got a bad wrap for turning your skin blue… Well that is old news and it’s an extremely rare side effect from continued use of cheaper ionic silver or silver proteins. We like to think of Colloidal Silver as a first aid item– something that is good for almost everything and great to have on hand for those on the spot issues that arise.

What is Colloidal Silver?
A solution of water containing nanometer sized particles of suspended silver. The total silver content is expressed as milligrams of silver per liter (mg/L) of water which is numerically the same as parts per million (ppm). The total silver content is divided into two forms of silver: ionic silver and silver particles.

What makes Colloidal Silver so special?
Glad you asked. One thing that is really cool, is that it can come in handy for all types of “super bugs” (bacteria that is highly resistant to common antibiotics that hang out in hospitals).  Super bugs can not become immune to Colloidal Silver or create resistance to it!  Making it a go to for hard core bacteria!  Also, Colloidal silver was used by doctors for bacterial infections prior to antibiotics hitting the medical market. And, did you know that people used to throw a silver coin in their milk to keep it from spoiling before refrigerators were around? Pretty cool!  Here are some bullet point benefits of the wondrous Colloidal Silver:

  • Prevents bacteria and microbes from replicating their DNA, stopping them from spreading and helps pull them into the bloodstream to be removed from the body.
  • Helps fight viruses– great for pneumonia, herpes, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis C
  • Fantastic for Sinus Infections– try using a little in your neti pot or use a Colloidal Silver nasal spray.
  • Great for topical use to help regenerate skin and relieve burns, cuts or abrasions.
  • Handy to have on hand for Cold or Flu season– can work as a great for prevention or help lessen the duration.
  • Can be useful for pink eye or ear infections.

Since it is a powerful force to reckon with, bacterial wise, it is smart to incorporate probiotics after use of Colloidal Silver.  This will help build up the friendly bacteria that the silver may have taken out of your body, similar to antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver can be useful for so many things!  We hope we got you to think creatively on how it can be useful for you!

As always, do what you feel is best for YOUR body– if you aren’t sure, ask your doctor.  We are health ENTHUSIASTS not licensed practitioners.

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