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Special Skin Care Product

Jun 10, 2021 | Dermatology, Health Tips, Natural Body Care, Skin

Greetings Elite friends and family! We are continuing our January theme– New Year, New You and wanted to talk about a special skin care product we all LOVE!  We thought it is a great product to help compliment the “New Year, New You” look. This product flies off our shelf because once anyone tries it, they keep coming back for more!  What is it you ask???

Mayumi Amazing Squalane Oil:
Squalane oil can be derived from different sources such as shark liver, olives, or sugar cane and is often found in many beauty products to assist in absorption and emulsification.  Mayumi Squalane oil is 100% pure squalane oil and provides a variety of benefits such as:

  •  Softens wrinkles and tiny maturity lines around the eyes and mouth.
  •  Provides relief for many minor skin ailments, including rashes, scaly skin, acne, scars and itching.
  • Helps remedy the effects of detergents and other harmful external agents, while curing minor skin eruptions and chapping.
  • Maximizes the benefits of your moisturizer and smooths your flawless make-up application.
  • Enhances your skin’s appearance, making it more radiant and supple. 

We also carry Mayumi Amazing Squalane Activ-7 oils in a oil blend and hand & body lotion that is derived from olives and sugar cane.

Try this special skin care routine today and feel the difference tomorrow!

To Health!

Your ELITE Family


Elite Nutrition


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